The Clock Tower in Noblesville, Indiana from the sky during a sunny winter Golden Hour


Our footage speaks for itself. We've spent years training to know just how to handle our birds (inside lingo for drones) in the sky. We've also spent years learning how to properly expose, color and frame our shots to ensure the absolute best for you.

A home from the isometric upper-left, taken with a drone.A ranch home with blue party cloudy skies sits in a quiet neighborhood. A home from the isometric upper-right, taken with a drone.playa de barceloneta, in Barcelona, Spain during a sunny winter day.Interstate 70 Westbound in Western Colorado, United States. La Sagrada Familia from the sky in Barcelona, Spain.
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Why Neon Alpha?

Because "we're awesome and will make great videos for you" isn't enough, let us elaborate a bit.

Neon Alpha Media was founded as a result of one man’s passion for film production and his desire to capture the heart and soul of what makes brands tick. We’re nimble and deliver big results. Most importantly, we’ll feel more like an extension of your team than a vendor. We proudly serve Indianapolis and the tri-state area including Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.

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